In Development

Deadlock reveals the recklessness, vibrancy and resilience of Australian youth through the anarchic lives of its central teenage cast. When long-standing regional rivalries explode at a late-night party, the mystery and chaos of what happens beneath the tropical gloss of an idyllic coastal town is exposed, divulging candid but also darkly humorous stories of the youth of the town... The series will deliver multi-protagonist storylines – some funny and entertaining, others heartbreaking – across various channels and in various forms to give depth and breadth to the story world for our audience. The relationships between our central characters will invite humour and conflict but ultimately testify to the resilience of youth. 


Format:   Online Series
Genre:   Drama / Comedy
Producer: Lois Randall
Story Producer: Deb Cox
Executive Producers: Fiona Eagger & Deb Cox
Writer: Billie Pleffer 
Consultant: Bryan Elsley
Script Editor: Mike Jones
Development funding:  Screen Austraila
Script Lab Workshop Emerging Writers: Billie Pleffer, Michelle Law, Lucy Campbell, Seaton Kay-Smith, Shane Salvador, Tim Logan
Script Lab Workshop funding: Funded by Screen Australia's Enterprise Industry Program, produced by Every Cloud Productions with the assistance of Northern Rivers Screenworks. 

An original concept by Deb Cox, developed for Every Cloud Productions with Fiona Eagger.

Funded as part of Screen Australia's Enterprise Stories program, and in partnership with Screenworks, Every Cloud held a Script Lab Workshop for emerging writers in Byron Bay late last year, developing the series with youth consultants from the region and Skins co-creator Bryan Elsley as consultant and mentor.

VCA graduate Billie Pleffer was selected as one of six emerging writers to participate in the workshop, and is now working with Every Cloud’s own Deb Cox and Mike Jones, to bring the series to script stage. Completing a story-plotting workshop with the Every Cloud team and story editor Mike Jones back in February, Billie is now creating short form scripts to complete the first season of the series, which is being pitched for online distribution.