Seven Little Australians

In Development

Seven unruly, mischievous and quintessentially Australian children drive their disciplinarian father to distraction in this long-awaited return of the Australian literary and television classic.

Seven Little Australians is landmark family viewing, delighting nostalgic parents and capturing the imagination of modern kids as they’re transported back to simpler days when children ran wild from dawn ‘til dusk and a large brood of siblings was a law unto itself. A joyous celebration of Australian childhood, this series affirms one of life’s great truths – that family comes first. 

Format: TV Series
Genre: Drama 
Creative Producer: Katherine Fry
Executive Producers: Fiona Eagger & Deb Cox
Writer: Elizabeth Coleman
Development funding:  Screen Austraila Enterprise Industry Program & the Australian Children's Television Foundation

This adaptation of Seven Little Australians was developed by Elizabeth Coleman for Every Cloud Productions