Deb Cox  joined Andrew Knight in the mid-nineties as Head of Drama for his company Artist Services (in partnership with Steve Vizard).  After collaborating on a string of productions - including the miniseries, Kangaroo Palace (1997) and Simone de Beauvoir's Babies (1997), the feature films, Dead Letter Office (1998) and The Sound of One Hand Clapping (1998) and the first season of the three series of SeaChange (1998-2000) for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Artist Services was acquired by UK company Granada in 1998. In 2000 Deb Cox and Andrew Knight formed CoxKnight Pty Ltd with Artist Services head of Business Affairs, Andrea Denholm. Together they maintained a close relationship with Granada and went on to be responsible for productions including  the miniseries,  After the Deluge (2003), the children's series, Worst Best Friends(2002) and the adult drama series CrashBurn(2003).  

CoxKnight Pty Ltd is not currently Producing - with Deb Cox, Andrew Knight and Andrea Denholm all having formed further creative alliances.



Sea Change

Successful city lawyer, Laura Gibson thinks she has it all. With Jack, her handsome husband, their two lovely kids Rupert and Miranda, and her brilliant legal career. Until in the space of 24 hours, it all falls apart. Laura’s law firm offers the coveted partnership to someone else. Rupert is expelled from school. Jack is charged with corporate fraud, and, in the process, has lost the family savings. But worse—he’s having an affair… with her sister! Something has to change. On a whim, Laura grabs at a position as magistrate in the small coastal town of Pearl Bay and with two bewildered kids in tow sets off to change their lives forever

Format:   TV Series
Genre:   Drama
Length:   3 Series x 13 x 60mins
Year:   1998 - 2000
Created by:   Deborah Cox & Andrew Knight
Produced by:   Artist Services
Executive Producers:   Andrew Knight, Andrea Denholm, Sue Masters, Peter Beilby,
Producer:   Sally Ayre-Smith
Associate Producer:   Deborah Cox
Writers:   Deb Cox, Andrew Knight, Hannie Rayson, Stuart McDonald, Matt Cameron, Andrea Denholm, Graeme Koetsveld, Sherri McIver
Director:   Mandy Smith, Paul Moloney, Ali Ali, Sue Brooks, Steve Jodrell, Ian Watson, Ray Argall, Michael Carson, Brendan Maher, David Cameron, Ben Lewin, Stuart McDonald, Deborah Cox
Cast:   Sigrid Thornton, John Howard, David Wenham, William McInnes, Kerry Armstrong


After the Deluge

After the Deluge weaves together the lives of four ordinary men at a critical time in their family history. The patriarch, Cliff is suffering from Alzheimer's and is reliving his buried memories of WWII. His three sons - Alex, Martin and Toby - reluctantly draw together to care for him. In attempting to define themselves in a post feminist world, Cliff's sons struggle to come to terms with the roles they have played as brothers, sons and men. Alex, the troubled middle child, is in turmoil with the collapse of a long marriage and the subsequent battle for his children and a new identity. His elder brother Martin, a wild boy musician has eschewed his remarkable musical talent for a now dwindling pop fame. And Toby, their younger brother, the forgotten child, hides in the suburbs too frightened to accept that his ideal of a family will never be realized. When the war of words quietens, it is music which offers a respite and reconciles the brothers to the loss of a father they could never be good enough for.


Format:   Telemovie
Genre:   Drama
Length:   194mins
Year:   2003
Created by:   Deborah Cox
Executive Producers:   Deborah Cox, Andrea Denholm, Sue Masters
Producers:   Andrew Knight, Richard Keddie, Andrew Wiseman
Writers:   Andrew Knight and Deborah Cox
Director:   Brendan Maher
Cast:   David Wenham, Hugo Weaving, Samuel Johnson, Ray Barrett, Catherine McClements



When Ben and Rosie’s ten-year marriage hits the wall, the resulting debris also hits their friends. The story of their trial seperation is told in two distinct halves—his and hers. One follows Ben and his mates as they cling together in the bewildering world of male singledom. The other half tracks Rosie and her friends as her initial whiff of freedom gives way to panic, denial and increasingly bizarre behaviour. While each side is as convincing as the other, it is only by watching both halves the audience gets the real story.

In the male half Ben, Adam, Theo and Richard reveal much about how men view long-term relationships and women in general. Rosie, Abby, Candice and Emily provide entirely different perspectives on love and men. When the opposite sex isn’t around, there’s no need for political correctness—or even politeness—and we see how much easier it would be if we all just thought the same.

Through the series we also discover Ben and Rosie’s past—the exhilaration, humiliations, sexual frustrations and joys of a long and complex life together. As the past unfolds they find themselves questioning what they’d do differently, what they would never, ever change and whether it just might be possible to fall in love with each other all over again.


Format:   TV Series
Genre:   Drama
Length:   13x 60mins
Year:   2003
Created by:
  Deborah Cox and Andrew Knight
Executive Producers:   Deborah Cox, Andrea Denholm, Andrew Knight
Producers:   Fiona Eagger, Andrea Denholm
Writers:   Deborah Cox, Andrew Wiseman
Directors:   David Caesar, Roger Hodgman, Steve Jodrell, Tony Tilse



Worst Best Friends

Worst Best Friends revolves around the life of Roger Thesaurus, whose two best friends are worst enemies! Eleven year old Thesaurus' is devoted to his mouth organ, his dog Chewbarker, his key ring collection and his tropical fish. When the rough and tumble Dusting turns up uninvited determined to be his best friend, Thesaurus is in trouble. You see, Thesaurus already has another kind of best friend and her name is Millicent. Millicent and Thesaurus were born in the same hospital on the same day, and according to her this means they are bound to each other forever. Whenever Millicent and Dusting vie for Thesaurus' attention, sparks begin to fly!

Worst Best Friends features characters from Max's highly successful children's book series ('Adventures with My Worst Best Friend', 'Going Bananas', and 'Dusting in Love'.)


Format:   TV Series
Genre:   Childrens
Length:  13 x 60mins
Year:   2002
Created by:   Max Dann
Produced by:   CoxKnight Productions
Executive Producers:   Andrea Denholm, Deb Cox and Andrew Knight
Producer:   Sue Seeary
Writers:   Max Dann and Lisa Chambers