Ms Fisher’s MODern Murder Mysteries FAQs


Will there be a fourth season of the original?

We hope so! At this stage we are focussing on the feature film which is now in pre production with the original cast.


Will this new series impact on the feature film?

Absolutely not. The feature film is in pre production and we are scheduled to shoot in October and November this year.

The aim is to expand the Miss Fisher world by adding a new dimension to the brand and exploring a new period in our history with different characters.


What is it?

Ms Fisher’s MODern Murder Mysteries is a spin-off series from the original Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries TV series. Set in 1964 – the series touches on many of the issues from the 1920s original series, in a new decade with new cast.


Who is Peregrine?

Peregrine is the niece of the original Miss Phryne Fisher. Peregrine will evoke the same spirit, sense of social conscious and love of fashion as her famous aunt.


Is Phryne dead?

For those of you who know and love the original series… you can bet that the circumstances around Phryne’s disappearance is not as clear cut as it first seems. The mystery of what happened to Phryne will be explored throughout the new series as Peregrine searches for answers of her own.


Will there be another season of the original Miss Fisher?
Is this meant to replace Phryne?
No one can replace Miss Fisher! The new spin-off series is all about expanding the world you know and love of the original series, and getting to explore new issues and themes of feminism, equal rights and social injustice in a new decade of Australian history.

This series is being produced in addition to the production of the original Miss Fisher Movie also being filmed later this year. While a new season is not on the cards at the moment, we’re very much committed to continuing with the original cast of characters you love, via future feature film instalments.


What about Jack & Phryne?

The romantic dance between Jack and Phryne will continue to play out, this time on the big screen in the movie being produced later this year. We love these characters as much as you do and we’re still committed to bringing them back to your screen via the movie.


Will any of the other cast be in the new series?
What about Dot, Hugh, Mr B, Dr Mac, etc?

As the spin-off series is set some 35 years after the events of the original series, Ms Fisher’s MODern Murder Mysteries will have a new cast of offsiders that provide guidance, support and romantic conflict to the young Peregrine.


Miss Fisher is a strong woman of a certain age – this younger, new version misses
the mark.

While the new Peregrine might be slightly younger than her aunt in this spin-off series, that doesn’t mean it won’t be targeted at or appeal to its original audience. Peregrine will be supported by a gang of multigenerational and remarkable women that form The Adventureress’ Club within the series. More story details will be released at a later date but rest assured we know what makes the original Miss Fisher a hit and want to bring our audience along for the ride.


But I watch Miss Fisher the 1920s period

Like the 1920s, the 1960s provides an incredibly fertile story world for political and social change. The freedoms afforded to women in the 1920s were largely reigned back following WWII, and it wasn’t until the 1960s that society began to open up again and call for change. There is a natural synergy between the two periods, and we’re excited to explore the challenges and nostalgia of the 1960s in the same way we did with the 1920s in the original series.

We know there are many factors that bring the audience to Miss Fisher and we can’t deny her wardrobe is one of them, but the 1960s has a similar potential for glamourous style and outrageous fashion which we’re excited to explore.


Who is producing this show?
Who are the creatives?

The original key creators of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries are back at the helm of this spin-off series. Fiona Eagger and Deb Cox will be Executive Producer’s on the show to ensure it maintains the same tone and feel as the original series. Kerry Greenwood – author of the original series – has thrown her support behind the spin-off series and is one of the new show’s consultants.