Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries series 2


As crimes continue to unfold around her in the streets of 1960s Melbourne, our never-say-never sleuth, Peregrine Fisher, must tackle her trickiest assignment yet; juggling marriage, a career, and the life of a wily Adventuress.

 After their valiant efforts cracking cases across Melbourne, Peregrine and the gang are on a journey of self-discovery. Just as Peregrine prepares to settle into her no-questions-asked courtship with Detective James Steed, the noble policeman’s thoughts turn to marriage, bringing the crime-fighters to a crossroad and highlighting the differences between our thoroughly modern heroine and her terribly traditional hero. 

Meanwhile, Violetta and Samuel must balance their desire for unwed partnership against Violetta’s devotion to Catholicism, while Birdie rebels against the romance infiltrating the Adventuresses’ Club and returns to the true love of her life: spying. But as she reinvests in her passion, she’s surprised to find herself rekindling the flame with a long-lost paramour – and coveting a relationship she might’ve had if not for her zealous desire for independence.

Having solved murderous mysteries within department stores, TV studios, cooking schools and secret laboratories in Season 1, Peregrine, James and the gang investigate curious cases of death and revenge at an air hostess school, a dog show, a bowling alley and a pigeon club. Peregrine and James prove a formidable team, pulling apart suspects and their motives with their unique set of talents.

But their journey isn’t all rosy; and Peregrine’s desire to slow things down in their personal relationship sends James barrelling into the arms of his teenage flame, Sally. Accepting they may just be too different to work it out, Peregrine does her best to move on and forget James; but with murder seemingly following her around, getting some distance from Detective Steed – and their undeniable chemistry – proves impossible.