Sacked from her worthy volunteer job in Africa and still troubled by her recent marital split, Laura Gibson returns to Pearl Bay, where her oldest daughter, Miranda, still lives, and where she once felt loved and wanted. But her sentimental memories are squashed as she finds that her old house has dropped into the sea, and that Miranda is heavily pregnant, intending to adopt the baby out to the local Police Sergeant, Anna Kazan.

Laura becomes embroiled in a traffic accident involving an irate Bob Jelly and rebellious local publican, Ben Russo, while Miranda tries to single-handedly stop Striplands sand mining company from commencing operations in Pearl Bay and ruining the environment. In doing so, she comes up against charming and extremely handsome community liaison representative, Findlay Knox, who seems to make short work of winning over the locals. Miranda takes drastic action and chains herself to the sand mine’s front gates during a wild storm – just as her waters break! Laura and Fin deliver Baby Joe in the pub, and Laura’s familial yearnings begin to stir.

Meanwhile Bob, freshly released from prison after doing time for fraud, tries to track down a $500,000 dodgy cash drop – payment from tax-dodging prisoners who want to buy up Kevin’s Caravan Park for development. Bob’s dismayed to learn that the money has found its way to the police station and puts in a desperate attempt to steal it back. He fails and is left half a million dollars in debt to a smooth and dangerous criminal. Next day, Anna presents Laura with a proposition to take up her old job and stay in Pearl Bay, which Laura considers, and finally accepts. This could be her last opportunity to reconnect with Miranda - and convince her to keep Baby Joe.



Format:   TV Series
Length:  8 X 1 hour episodes
Genre:   Drama
Year:   2019
Cast: Sigrid Thornton, Brooke Satchwell, John Howard, Kerry Armstrong 
Executive Producers:  Fiona Eagger & Deb Cox
Producer: Lois Randall
Head Writer:  Deb Cox
Full cast and crew: IMDB 


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