East of Everything Series 2


Art Watkins has spent most of his professional life as a travel writer, wandering the globe in search of paradise. But when his mother dies, Art is drawn reluctantly back to the town of Broken Bay and the neglected resort at Australia’s most easterly point where he grew up. As Art attempts to unravel the mess of his inheritance, he comes to the ironic realization that his best hope of happiness is to resurrect the ‘paradise lost’ he left behind.

The legacy of Nancy Watkins binds Art to his estranged younger brother, Vance, a teenage son he barely knows and an ex-fiancee determined to make a difference to the coastal town.

Once more, Art is faced with the decision to deal with all life’s glorious complications – or to flee.
East of Everything is a dramatic series with an edge of humour and a heightened sense of serendipity. It’s about broken-hearted individuals who have travelled through life’s dark places to finally face themselves on the bright shore of a hopeful future.

Format:   Television Mini-Series
   6 x 55 mins
   Fiona Eagger, Twenty 20 Productions
   Deb Cox
Associate Producer:
   Roger Monk
Executive Producers:   Miranda Dear & Fiona Eagger
Co-creators and Scriptwriters:
   Deb Cox & Roger Monk
Investors:   Australian Broadcasting Corporation, ABC Enterprises, Film Finance Corporation, NSW FTO, Department of Transport and Regional Services.
Broadcast & Distribution
:   East of Everything 2 was broadcast on the ABC in Australia and ABC Asia. Indigo Films handle international distribution.
Cast:   Richard Roxburgh, Susie Porter, Tom Long, Gia Carides



  • East of Everything 2 Nominated
    Oct 2010

    East of Everything 2 Nominated

    The soundtrack to ABC drama East of Everything 2 has been nominated in view full post